Case StudyGame Guard Brand Guidelines Filed in: Manufacturing / Engineering, Wholesale / Retail

Creating vision, values, tone of voice and brand consistency

The Challenge

On the back of the Wedge Whiteboards website project, PNPlastics came back to us here at Earl & Thompson to have a look at their gum shields brand Game Guard. They were looking for some brand guidelines for Game Guard. The Game Guard brand was just that, a logo with no real direction, tone of voice etc and looking at the brand with fresh eyes it was clear this brand needed some TLC and brand guardianship. Consideration was needed as to what the brand stood for and to have a level of consistency through all its marketing touch points whether that be digital, direct mail or packaging.

Whilst meeting the marketing team regarding the guidelines project it was apparent that the brand itself hadn’t been looked at for years and could possibly do with a bit of a refresh, certainly not a revolution move as the brand is well known within the education sector (its biggest customer base) but the logo could do with modernising, so before we could start the guidelines the first task was to refresh the logo

The Solution

The Game Guard brand needed modernising, the typography of the logo looked slightly dated so it was time for an evolutionary move to ensure it was still recognisable but left Game Guard with a clean and clear brand logo that had confidence. With this completed and the client happy it was time to look at the brand and what it stood for, what its values were and what tone of voice goes with those values. Game Guard was just a logo everything else around the brand didn’t hang together, it didn’t come with a toolkit and it was this toolkit that we needed to address and create. The guidelines needed to look at a mission statement for the brand, values, colours, typography, tone of voice, imagery, ‘what do we look like’ 

The Outcome

At the start of this project Game Guard was just a logo, it didn’t come with any baggage so we had a clean slate to work on, now Game Guard has a vision, values and tone of voice. It has a logo that stands up amongst its competitors and is confident in its field, with considered imagery to convey these messages and a happy client to go with it all.


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