Integrated Design & Content Development

Ensuring your message is right, looks great and is remembered

Your brand and how you communicate your brand has become more of a focus and a differentiator than it ever has been, but it’s become even more important to be very clear about what your brand is selling. People won’t take the time to figure it out – why should they when your competition are making it easy to engage with them, rather than you? 

Often a client is very good at explaining their product features but not transferring that into the business issue that their offering solves for their customers. This is the key to generating the ROI. The customer has an issue and wants a solution – they’re not looking for features at the initial contact point (that comes later) – so the upfront brand proposition and messaging needs to get across (as easily as possible) who you are, what your offer is and what it can help the customer do.

Why is this important?

In order to get the maximum ROI from your marketing budget, we need to be sure that any marketing communications material that we produce on your behalf is really fit for purpose. There is no point having a website that looks great and built in Flash, if your audience is primarily going to access it through a hand held device, and can't load it. Understanding who your audience is and how they want to be communicated with is the background information that we will work with to ensure that your marketing budget is spent as effectively as possible.

How we do this

Our approach is very much collaborative, if you have existing materials in place, we will update content or images to help budgets work efficiently, or our in-house team can produce all the items you need for a campaign from scratch - whether it is traditional print campaign, a digital campaign or a mix.

We can produce:

  • Advertising (print or digital, including Google AdWords and LinkedIn)
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital (websites, micro-sites, apps, email campaigns)
  • Direct Mail
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Literature
  • Packaging
  • Photography & Video
  • Point of Sale

See our portfolio to see some examples of marketing support material that we have produced over the years for our clients.

We find the best results are achieved when we work as a team in developing concepts, to ensure that the right strategic direction in maintained whilst developing the creative, this ensures that the timelines are short and budgets are adhered to. Clients often are involved in early brainstorming sessions where our studio can illustrate up hand drawn scamps and ideas as they surface.