We’ll explore further and work harder than you ask us to, which means we’ll add value above our competitors

We believe that success can only be achieved for our clients if our thinking is based on sound knowledge of your market, your brand and your customers. Whether you already have this information, or you want us to work with you in obtaining it, we will always base our solutions on clear industry insight.

Understanding the current and anticipated future environment in which your company trades ensures that the work that we produce for you will protect you against your competition and help you reach your corporate goals.

Why is this important?

Effective solutions that are aligned with your corporate objectives to deliver strong ROI and long term success, can only be based on thorough:

  • Customer research
  • Brand & proposition analysis
  • Market assessment

How we do this

  • Customer Research - areas we need to understand:
    • Why do they buy from you and not your competitors & what is their experience?
    • What would they like you to do more / less of?
    • How will their needs / expectations change in the future that could affect what / how they buy from you?
  • Brand proposition & analysis - some questions we ask:
    • What is your brand personality & USP?
    • What is your pricing strategy and how does this match up to your brand promise / experience?
    • Does your internal audience / supply chain understand your brand proposition & does the service match your brand promise?
  • Market Assessment - some of the areas we explore:
    • What is happening in your market: who are your competitors & what are they doing?
    • What is the external landscape of your market: what legislation is in force currently or due to come in that affects your ability to trade?
    • What is your current route to market: what channels are present & how could these change in the future to your advantage / disadvantage?.

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