Campaign Delivery

Ensuring your message gets out on time, every time

Planning for campaign delivery is a critical step in determining whether your hard spent marketing budget is going to give you the results you want.

Audiences no longer want to feel that they are being bombarded with marketing materials, but want to develop deeper relationships with their suppliers and engage in relevant, timely conversations to help them solve their pain points, that means anticipating their needs and next question and making sure that you have all the answers ready to hold their interest. If you don't do it, your competitors will.

The process of delivering a campaign will naturally lead to greater customer and market insight, so the strategy and message can be adapted and enhanced to be sure that you will reach your objectives. 

How we do it

Our approach is based on ensuring that we understand your audience, research that we will have completed well before we reach the campaign delivery stage.

Services we offer for campaign delivery:

  • Data Management
    • Data purchasing, cleaning, building and maintenance to builder better data for targeted campaigns
    • Data profiling and priority audience segmentation
    • Management of client data ongoing (in-house or outsourced)
    • Measurement, analysis, monitoring & reporting: be able to measure marketing ROI
  • Print Management
    • All too often we see clients who handle their own print to reduce agency cost, but then get left with complex print problems or fulfillment issues that soak up countless hours and cause unnecessary stress. We have been successfully managing our clients print for over 30 years and our print management service takes the headaches away. We have built up a wide range of quality approved suppliers whom we trust to deliver the best to you, we select which supplier to use on a job-by-job basis depending on the mix of price vs quality vs service. Our print management service covers everything from proof checking, press passing, packaging, labelling, dispatching as well as recording and monitoring stock levels.
  • Thought Leadership
    • We can design and deliver thought leadership campaigns for you, working on establishing you as the 'expert' in your field, publishing and monitoring a variety of industry led articles and white papers across all mediums.
  • Real-time campaigning
    • Our in-house team can handle your campaigns in real-time, being flexible in changing messages depending on audience reaction, click throughs, open rates, etc.