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AM Live Exhibition

The  Challenge

Automotive Compliance are a compliance business purely for the automotive retail sector and are experts in their field, de-risking dealerships nationwide. Last year they attended the Automotive Management Live exhibition in Birmingham and this year they decided to exhibit again. Automotive Compliance came to E&T with a view of potentially utilising some of the exhibition panels that they had used in the previous year – however when talking through this particular project it was apparent that the previous message they had used (which was all about them as a business) wasn’t going to grab the attention of the attendees of the show – it was time to change lanes (excuse the pun)!

The  Solution

Automotive Compliance needed to start talking to dealers and put themselves out there as the experts they are. Big changes are afoot in the compliance world and no one is talking about them – this could be due to dealers not wanting to face the elephant in the room or just down to the fact they don’t understand the risks and believe someone else will deal with it. So we took Automotive Compliance on a bit of a journey, it was time to start talking the dealers language, no jargon just straight talking facts. The compliance world seems pretty dull unless of course you are one of the geeks experts at Automotive Compliance but does that mean dealers should ignore it? Definitely not, being uncompliant is a risky business and if you are found not to be compliant as a business then that could mean hefty fines, business closure or even imprisonment. Dealers need to sit up and listen, the new regulations are here to stay so we decided to go to the show with 3 main changes that are imminent in the regulatory world, to inform, advise and assist existing and prospect clients to move forward into a world with reduced risk to their business.

The  Outcome

A striking stand that waved goodbye to the corporate world of compliance and in its place stood a stand that attracted questions on up and coming challenges for dealerships. It was an eye catching conversation starter, where dealerships could ask questions and know that they were talking to the right people that would help them through the new regulations and be there to take the pain and, more importantly, the risk away.

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