Or worse still campaigns are started, but due to limited resources, get stalled part-way through and therefore lose their momentum. Whether you’re a marketing agency veteran or virgin we’d love the opportunity to discuss your future marketing challenges. Our aim is to support you to become your company’s marketing superhero!

Whether you have a one-off campaign that you need to get off the ground or want to discuss an on-going retainer, we’re happy to meet up and see how we can add value.  We realise it can be tricky to find an agency that’s just right for you. To help you with your agency selection process we have put a few tips together as to what you should look for…

Ability to see the bigger picture – is the agency capable of assisting you with content development across all channels, not just social media? A multi-channel communications agency can help you join up the dots and develop consistent messaging.

Logical & organised approach – a good agency will ask you if you have any strategies in place, and if not will assist you with putting a plan together.

Proven track record – ask for references, look at testimonials and consider using an online sourcing tool, such as the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) – whose awards are based on client recommendations. We’re in the Top 100 Agencies Outside London and have just had our recommended status extended.

Industry insight – look for an agency that has worked in your field previously and understands the current challenges and opportunities. At Earl&Thompson we specialise in Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering, Recruitment, Education & HR, Technology & Communications and Professional Services.

On your wavelength – although it appears at the bottom of the list, this is probably one of the most important factors!  We believe we’re a nice bunch and as a small dedicated team we are able to build very close relationships with your team and we quickly develop a good understanding of your business.

If we seem like a good fit and you’ve always fancied yourself as a superhero then drop us a line! Call 01452 627100 or email us.