So you may be wondering why you should use the services of a copywriter. After all, it's just throwing some words together isn't it? Anyone can do it, right?

Wrong. Well, half wrong. Anyone can do copywriting. But only real craftspeople can do it well. A good copywriter will take the time to really understand the audience they're writing for, and will be able to take technical jargon and turn it into plain English that’s easily understandable.  Good copywriters sit down with you, get under the skin of your business and really understand what you are trying to say. As an outsider they can offer a new perspective and generate content from a different angle that engages the right audience.

You could have a go at it yourself, but using the services of a specialist copywriter can help bring what you’re trying to say to life, and whilst you’re busy focusing on other issues in your business, they can tailor the communications to the right audience for you.

Good copy can make your website stand out from the crowd in a busy market, allow your brochure to explain your products clearly and simply, and be concise and compelling when you have limited copy space on things like social media.

It’s important to set out what you’re trying to achieve. You need to have a strategy set out from the outset, as this is where the copywriter will ensure the copy is targeted towards the audience you are trying to attract – ensuring your end goal has been considered (e.g. more website views or better engagement with your target market). This will help you to measure ROI at the end.

A good marketing agency has a pool of many skilled copywriters that cover a variety of sectors, and will appoint the right copywriter for the job. It is incredibly important to ensure the right person has been assigned to a project that is skilled in that style of writing.

This can help your website, brochure, social media or other communication engage with your target audience and deliver the correct message, whilst you focus on the daily running of your business. Sounds like a good exchange to me!