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Charity campaign to raise £1 million.

The Challenge:

Cavell Nurses' Trust supports the UK's 650,000 registered nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants together with retired and student nurses throughout the UK. The objectives were clear; Firstly, to help recruit 100 Cavell ambassadors to take part in a once in a lifetime trip to Canada to climb Mount Edith Cavell.  The Trust had a target of £1 million to raise by 2015, the fundraising efforts of the 100 ambassadors alongside a team of corporate ambassadors will all go towards achieving this target. Secondly, it was crucial to raise the general profile of the trust to increase funding and secure the future of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

The Solution:

To achieve the first objective we worked closely with the Cavell climb project manager to produce a 6 month strategy which called upon the main social media platforms alongside traditional media channels such as display advertising and editorial.

Our primary audience comprised mountaineering enthusiasts with a secondary audience of student nurses in the hope of obtaining maximum participation in the Cavell climb. We developed an integrated digital strategy using specific event pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage with these audiences and ran display advertising targeted press channels using UK based climbing and outdoor focussed magazines whose readership met our audience profile.

To ensure stand out for the campaign the creative design needed to differ from just a simple shot of a mountain. Our creative team decided to opt for the medical theme and designed a heart rate monitor that accurately outlined the profile of Mt Edith Cavell using the corporate colours for the Trust.

To achieve the second objective of raising the Trust’s profile we used the success of the social media event pages to redirect traffic and interest to Cavell’s existing sites. We monitored the traffic from the social media sites and also the original Cavell Trust website using Google Analytics. The statistics were helpful in identifying which areas of the website needed improving but also to follow where the majority of the traffic was coming from.

The Outcome:

One of the primary campaign targets was to create 16 ambassadors by the end of September 2014. The campaign beat this target and has generated a total of 20 subscribed ambassadors by this deadline.  The digital campaign also gained the desired traction and engagement with more than 700  Facebook likes within the first 2 months. Thus in turn this has created interest in the Trust from a wide audience who wish to support the climb and the charity itself, and has established a strong basis for ongoing campaign momentum and discussion.

Watch the fundrasising Prezi we produced: 

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