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Intelligent Controls - Strategy and Animation

The Challenge:

REHAU had developed a new range of Intelligent Heating Controls which needed to be launched to the domestic and commercial market, targeting specifiers, fitters and homeowners. Clear points of difference between varying products needed to be communicated to each audience, with the messaging changing to meet the unique pain points in each market.

The Solution:

To overcome the feeling of ‘information overload’ with often highly technical information, we proposed a range of digital presentations, to keep the audience engaged and to help with message retention. We created 3 characters to help tell the story of each product in the range, communicating the specific features and benefits. Each character had a particular lifestyle which suited the capabilities of their chosen product, demonstrating how each product made their life just that little bit easier and better. We created the entire animation, from concept creation, drawing characters, storyboarding and recording the voiceover. Once the animation had been completed, we then took the graphic elements to create an interactive Prezi presentation for the sales teams as well as online digital ads.


The Intelligent Controls launch and roll out has been a great success. The animation has proven that it is easier to retain and recall specific features and benefits for each product in the range, as well as introducing an element of fun into an often highly technical environment.

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