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The Challenge:

Market leaders in ventilation, Nuaire were aware that although they had a large range of innovative products designed for the residential market, which included ducting, the overall brand identity and technical information needed some work to bring all ranges under one consolidated look and feel. The collateral for the ventilation sector is often highly technical and subject to frequent updates so this also needed to be taken into consideration.

The Solution:

A suite of literature aimed at specifiers and architects was needed in order to present the full range of products to be used in a variety of scenarios. We identified that with a target market consisting of specifier and architects, a balance had to be found between being able to provide a single point of reference as well as finding a solution which was flexible enough to handle the frequent updates.

We set about creating a series of stand-alone brochures, which could also all sit inside a branded Housebuilder folder – a far more flexible solution than creating one large Housebuilder catalogue, given the number of anticipated updates. A soft colour palette was established to help the user navigate through the different elements within each brochure and a series of 3D rendered houses were developed as a visual aid to demonstrate the different fan options and ducting positions.

Each product brochure was also created in web friendly, downloadable sections so that users could easily access the information from the Nuaire website.

Design of corresponding flyers, adverts, digital banners, exhibition materials, adopted the same colour palette and brand look and feel.  


The entire residential product range has a consistent brand throughout and continues to be flexible in its format to cope with the frequent updates required to keep the technical information current.  

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