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E-marketing Campaign and Demand Generation

The Challenge:

LSL Property Services plc is a leading provider of residential property services, including estate agency, lettings, valuation, surveys, and advice on mortgages. Typically cold calling for sales had proved very difficult with a low conversion ratios. With the use of online price comparison sites booming, it was clear that the insurance industry had changed forever and that the sales approach needed to be adapted to be more competitive.

The Solution:

We were initially approached to review and add creative to a sales letter, but it became clear that there was an opportunity to be more personal and create higher levels of engagement with a phased, segmented email campaign.

Initially we assessed all the potential audience groups and reviewed the current sales process, from initial cold call / enquiry, through to sale. From here we could identify where there were opportunities to tailor the message so that there was a sliding scale of useful general information initially through to more obvious calls to action in a pre-set schedule of emails, each one triggered by the customer reaction to the previous email.


The conversion ratios are now rising and the levels of customer engagement are at their highest levels. This approach has been rolled out across multiple companies within the Group and continues to generate leads for the business.

Buyers – Current average open rate 60%, conversion uplift - 4%
Sellers – Current average open rate 53%, conversion uplift - 2%

LSL Email Marketing Examples

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