As buyers have access and rely more on the online content and opinions of others away from traditional marketing and sales communications, it places greater emphasis on the quality of the messages marketing generates.

Simple “sell” messages won’t work as the audience is now used to a higher level of information and engagement, so marketers have to move on too. Relevant content accelerates the level of engagement with the buyer as it positions the perceived knowledge and skills a supplier can offer to them. This is critical in today’s marketing as a means to place your business ahead of the competition in the buyer's mind.

Marketers agree that good content is a critical success factor in attracting prospects and holding their attention over time, but getting the balance right takes focus. Providing relevant information that focuses on the buyers’ key priorities, issues and the insights they are looking to gain to help them achieve their job is a successful strategy rather than delivering a volume of product information for them to digest.

At the end of the day buyers are people and awkward conversations don’t lead to winning business, so communications that feel conversational and personal in style and tone have proven to be the most successful. When this is combined with communications that appear to be personalised and relevant to the buyer then the impact is proven to be stronger when compared to communications that feel generic or have a low-level of content relevant to the reader.

Marketers all agreed that when creating content, the messages used work best when they considered not only the sector, role, pain points and issues of the buyer but the environment the buyer was working in personally and what they were looking to achieve in their role. Taking it one step further a good programme can also use track-able techniques that can help marketing to identify specific content areas segments of the data are interested in. Targeted communications and messages can then be used providing more detailed relevant content to engage the buyer further to progress them to a sales lead.