Q1. So, what have you been up to since you started at Earl & Thompson?

Since I started at Earl & Thompson back in June 2014, I have been getting stuck in to agency life as much as possible! I spent the first 6 months shadowing Michelle to learn the ropes and understand the client services side of the business. The first 6 months was a real eye opener in terms of understanding how an agency deals with multiple clients on a daily basis. After Christmas I was working much more independently on tasks as I had a clear understanding of what needed to be achieved and how to achieve it.

Q2. How have you found it working with us?

The phrase ‘thrown in at the deep end’ perfectly describes the fast paced environment that I found myself in from day one. I am a strong believer in the fact it’s simply the best way to get stuck in and learn the in’s and out’s much quicker.

I think I found getting into a routine of 9-5:30 days that hardest as it was a real shock to the system, and when you’re taking on so much information on a day to day basis it can be exhausting.

I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Earl & Thompson; a real dream team. Throughout my entire 12 months I have been supported with not only client work but also my placement portfolio. Thanks guys!

Q3. What have been your highlights and why?

One of my main highlights would have to be working with Cavell Nurses’ Trust. They became a client of ours shortly after I started my placement so it was a project I felt like I could get stuck into from the beginning. I was responsible for getting their social media presence up and running for a big charity event they would be running towards the end of 2015. From being part of the idea generation process, right through to the finished product was something I felt proud to be part of, it was nice to have an input into something that became successful for Cavell.

Another highlight has to be the eagerly awaited ‘Hidey Hunt Challenge’, a very competitive chocolate treat hunt around the office before Christmas and Easter. Who knew a chocolate egg could get people moving so quickly!

Q4. What have you learnt during your time here?

The list could go on and on but I think there are a number of key things I have learnt during my time at E&T that I will be able to take forward and utilise in the future.

Firstly, the understanding of how an agency works in general, what it requires from clients and how to manage numerous tasks on a daily basis. These elements taught me that prioritising work and having strong time management skills are the most effective ways to complete the task in hand. Along-side this it has been very useful to understand what the ‘ideal’ brief is so that in the future if I work with an agency I’ll be able to provide a helpful and clear brief to achieve the ideal outcome.

Google Analytics and Adwords would’ve been something that sent shivers down my spine before I started my placement but with the brilliant support I received and training on the job I’ve actually found it to be an incredibly useful piece of software that can benefit almost any company if used correctly.

I’ve learnt so much over the last 12 months but one of the most valuable lessons would have to be constantly learning about my own capabilities. When I was faced with a challenging task or something I wasn’t familiar with I had to draw on previous experiences, trial and error and general initiative to complete it to the best of my abilities.

Q5. So, what are you plans for the future?

The student life will make a return as of September but with a few dramatic changes! My approach to assignments will be very different now that I have experienced full time work in a marketing environment; I can utilise the skills I have learnt here to go that extra mile in my work.  Getting the most out of my days by sticking to a 9-5 routine will benefit me when juggling a heavy work load!

After graduation I will be hoping to get a place on a marketing graduate scheme either in the UK or abroad!

Exciting times ahead!