We throw tricky questions at our best people here…..so we approached our Head of Studio, Mark Thomas this week, to get his response to a question that was puzzling us…..Question: “2011 will tell the good marketers from the bad, as they have to demonstrate delivery and results more than ever - how can using the brand and messaging in creative deliver an ROI”….and here is what our resident creative genius thought……….

Often a client is very good at explaining their product features but not transferring that into the business issue that their offering solves for their customers.  This is the key to generating the ROI, the customer is seeing an issue and wants a solution – they’re not looking for features at the initial contact point (that comes later) – so the upfront brand proposition and messaging needs to get across (as easily as possible) who you are, what you’re offer is and what it can help the audience do.

The upfront communication can be done using both visual brand identity and creative messaging which can help make the communication stand out from all the others offering what they think the customer needs. This can then be supported by a whole story to support what the customer needs to know.

The brand and how you communicate the brand has become more of a focus and a differentiator than it ever has been, but it’s become even more important to be very clear about what your brand is selling.  People won’t take the time to figure it out – why should they when you’re competition are making it easy to engage with them rather than you? 

In this market, the brand and the initial visual and messaging delivered with it are needed to ensure the audience knows what you are offering, it will make the initial sales conversation more effective than having to explain who you are and why they should talk to you at the end of the day.  So get out there and be creative but focus on how you lead that back to the ROI.