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The Challenge:

Having successfully worked with Star in relation to their marketing strategy and establishing the brand in a very competitive market, they subsequently approached us to assist them with communicating specific messages to different stakeholders. In 2012 they embarked on various campaigns, and our challenge was to support Star by interpreting the key messages into a concise and accessible format.

The Solution:

Ambitious Britain – one of Stars campaigns was to set a challenge to all its stakeholders to support medium sized businesses (MSBs) throughout the UK and increase recognition of the importance that they play in the supporting the economy and driving it forward. Star pledged a commitment to supporting MSBs by providing effective technology solutions with a can-do approach. We came up with the concept of using a space shuttle to illustrate the fast powered pace of taking Britain to a new level, with the strapline of  ‘Let’s power towards a new world of ambition for businesses in Britain’. Bold infographics were also developed for use on the website. This initiative is currently being supported by the CBI.

Symphony – this internal communications campaign was targeted directly towards the Star team in order to improve the customer experience. It was imperative that all the team fully understood the company’s objectives in achieving the very best in customer satisfaction. To achieve the necessary results we recognised the team would have to work in partnership and harmony – just like an orchestra. This became the basis of our idea. The visual depicted the ‘objectives’(for example continuity and commitment) as members of the orchestra, all focusing towards delivering the very best customer experience, which can only be achieved by working together.

Furthermore, we provided further styling elements for the ‘What We Do’ section of their website. The diagrams clearly spelt out the steps as to how Star supports its clients. We also assisted in making their website as accessible as possible – with the growth of handheld devices we made their site responsive, therefore the layout adapts to the user’s device ensuring a smooth viewer experience.


At the end of 2012 Star was announced as runners up at the Deloitte Dynamic Business Awards 2012. Paul Watson, Star’s interim CEO, commented, “Many clients have been in survival mode and focused on cutting costs and reducing their capital expenditure during the recession. Star has adapted to this and our team is committed to helping ambitious companies realise their full potential by better managed services and access to innovative technology solutions so they can grow and prosper.” We are delighted to have assisted Star in achieving this accolade.

Ambitious Britain Rocket

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