Case StudyLafarge GTEC Plasterboard Filed in: Construction

Digital Asset Centre

The Challenge:

The launch of GTEC, the new commercial range from Lafarge Plasterboard, saw the need to update marketing materials and internal literature. Produced by a number of different sources, it was difficult for Lafarge to manage approved imagery and artwork. We were tasked with finding a more cost efficient and effective way for the Lafarge team and associated partners, to access these resources.

The Solution:

We proposed the creation of an online searchable library of digital resources that allows authors and producers to locate, upload or download exactly what they need, when they need it. With many assets available to an abundance of people, we added the login function, user rights and asset history in order to protect and track data as required. From photography to video clips, approved resources are readily available.


The new Asset Centre now allows Lafarge to share its resources better whilst still maintaining control over access and updates. The GTEC Asset Centre is regularly updated and improved to stay in line with the client’s technical requirements as they evolve.


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