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Aico launch a new technology for CO alarms

The Challenge:

Aico are the market leaders in fire and CO alarms. They have a fantastic portfolio of high quality products, all with an array of different technologies. Aico are always one step ahead with regards to developing new technology and moving with the times and working under new legislations.

Their CO alarms carry an already sophisticated technology called RadioLink which allows the system to connect with other alarms in the household but with Aico always being ahead of the game they have developed AudioLink technology which is completely new to the alarms world.

AudioLink was first introduced into their collection of CO alarm systems. It is a technology that allows the end user to download data remotely from the alarm itself onto an app via a phone or tablet. This new technology had many benefits all of which needed to be communicated to the end user in a clear and concise manner. The collateral that they had in circulation for all of their alarms was more of a catalogue, showcasing all products but with minimal information about the benefits of each one.  Due to AudioLink being a brand new technology that the industry hadn’t heard of before it needed more explanation to showcase its brilliant features.

The Solution:

Having looked at the catalogue Aico were currently using, it was clear this wasn’t going to be enough to detail all the information needed for this new technology or product. So we created a brochure purely for the AudioLink technology and how it worked in the CO alarm systems. Technical information had to be written and illustrated in a way to ensure the message was clear and easy to understand. The look and feel of the entire brochure needed to be considered as the current look and feel didn’t allow us to get the message across as it needed to told, so this was completely evolved and developed to have a more modern, fresh feel with the use of a particular colour scheme to highlight key messages for stand out.


The AudioLink brochure was a massive success not only due to the way the information was conveyed and dealt with but also the new look and feel of the Aico brand was very well received. With this success it called for an entire rethink about how other products were being showcased and it was agreed that all high premium product ranges needed a similar platform.

Now not only have all of Aico’s high end product ranges got their own brochures (under the new brand tone of voice) but the ‘new look’ Aico was also rolled out onto digital platforms, packaging, POS material and exhibition stands.

Aico now have a brand that carries its own guidelines, so that any development in the future these guidelines must be followed implemented to ensure brand consistency. From small acorns…

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