We often talk to clients who are running their own Adwords campaigns, with some simple questions, we can on average improve their Adwords strategy by 20% or more….here are 4 simple tips:

  • Setting the right key words– think how your audience will be searching…if for example, you provide “HR Training” there is no point just having “training” in the title as you’ll have to pay large sums to be top of search and compete against a broad range of different “training” providers.  A better way to think is to keep your words specific to HR training and the things that will be covered in the training or different names used for HR for example.
  • Set the account up right -  often we find clients set searches on a specific phrase like “HR Training & Personnel Development” but don’t set the option to trigger the use of these words in any random order e.g. HR Development & Training Personnel” so you miss  simple opportunities.
  • Driving traffic to the next part of the story –a simple thing, but often an overlooked question, so someone has searched and seen your ad – but where are you trying to get them to.  You can set different landing pages for key phrases to make the next step for them more specific and drive them to content related to their search rather than just your homepage.  This will increase the chance of them staying longer on your website for example and getting what they need easily.
  • Managing the account detail well– the adwords used need to be managed intensely for the first 3 months, but then on a monthly basis.  This is to ensure the right words are used over time, that brand and product campaigns work well together and also the spend allocations for set words/phrases are spent in the way best to give the best returns.

The over-arching question on our mind is how we get someone from “search to sale” and the steps and information needed to make that journey as simple and low cost as possible.