So this year we have had a couple of new recruits; Meg our senior account manager and Cathy our business admin exec. Instead of having a Christmas party in December, knowing we were going to have two new members of the team starting we decided to delay our Christmas party.  So in true British style we celebrated Christmas in May…. well why not?

So one Monday morning meeting where everyone was bright and bushy tailed the Christmas party was discussed, needless to say being a Monday morning this did perk the team up to say the least! Discussion about when we should do it, where we should go? What we should do? Immediately we decided next week and food was a must and a curry was the consensus!

So on Thursday the 4th May, our small but perfectly formed team all went out on a jolly to a lovely curry house (the Spice Lodge in Cheltenham) to celebrate Christmas…seriously only the British and the very best marketers could make this work.

Some decided that it was only right to meet up at the pub for pre-dinner drinks, so meeting in the Beehive Cheltenham was Cathy our delightful business admin exec and newest team member, Kate our Production guru and Synergist super user and Meg our nutty senior account manager. Like what usually happens with stop gaps such as this, time ran away with us, resulting in some members of the team having to down their pint of cider (cough… not mentioning any names but she didn’t order nuts if you catch my drift). In fairness though Kate only ordered a short in the form of amaretto and Coke (even though the barman didn’t know what amaretto was and only realised when she pointed out the Disaronno Amaretto bottle – power of the brand hey!).

So after a good natter we made our way to The Spice Lodge, and the owners of the business were already waiting for our arrival and were armed with a fantastic menu and of course Cobra beer at the ready. We ordered drinks, plenty of delicious food (enough to feed a small army) and thoroughly enjoyed our night at the Spice Lodge where conversations went from one night stands to festival trough toilets. The service at the Spice Lodge was outstanding and we would thoroughly recommend a visit. Here’s to the next E&T outing….