Tungum, approached us to set up and manage an Adwords campaign to push their tube manufacturing services to potential customers through targeted key words and individually structured ad groups. Running 3 campaigns covering UK, Singapore and United Arab Emirates, Adwords generated between 3 and 81 clicks a day, depending on the varied budget.

Due to the flexibility of Google Adwords and with our help, Tungum were able change the budgets and settings as they wished and after a decision to considerably increase the budget for the UK campaign, were able to see the positive correlation between the budget and enquiries.

Sean Hammond, Sales and Marketing Director said, “Our Google Adwords campaign has been of particular use to us and we've seen an impressive increase in the number of enquiries received as a result. Without Earl and Thompson’s help in this area, we think we would have taken longer, been less cost effective and generally struggled to achieve the same results.”