As we race towards the end of 2017, here at Earl & Thompson we have been reflecting on the past 12 months.

We have seen 52 Monday morning meetings which invariably ends with us discussing the weekend just gone and how much gin, prosecco and food we have consumed and then suggesting that perhaps diets are in order, to being out of said meeting for approximately 10 minutes for someone to mention that they are hungry! It’s been a strong year for long service for certain team members, Mark (aka The Grinch) celebrated 33 years in the business - that’s almost as long as our Meg has been alive (not that Mark likes her to remind him of this although she does on a daily basis). We also celebrated Michelle’s 20 year Work anniversary - wow what a hero! Talking of heroes we have also consumed 4 boxes of Heroes chocolates (other Christmas chocolates are available)! 6000 cups of tea, or there about (some of which were Peppermint tea - don’t ask), roughly 60 bacon sandwiches, several walks with the Rocket Dog only to have muddy paw prints walked through the office, out comes a wet cloth and on your hands and knees to clear them up to look up and have a wet nose in your face asking you to play, one building being demolished with regular swearing out of a closed window to tell the builders to ‘shut up’ - this is the polite version. Cathy alone has gone through at least 30 red pens from proof reading and in her words ‘small tweaks’ which basically means she has rewritten the entire document. Numerous games of darts which has had to end due to the competitive nature of certain employees!  An abundance of client visits, numerous trips up the M6 motorway and down the M5 motorway (more swearing also featured here out of closed windows). We have celebrated Christmas twice in 2017, once in May and the other in November, neither of which were particularly close to Christmas but who cares… well Mark did but then his nickname is The Grinch.

In terms of work, we have continued to work side by side with our existing clients who have seen some fantastic growth due to their marketing activity, we have welcomed lovely new clients, new team members and said goodbye and good luck to some long standing team members (no we haven’t got tears in our eyes it’s the dust from the building work next door!). We have worked on an array of projects this year from digital banners to the Grand Designs Exhibition and much more. We have seen our clients moving more into the strategy behind marketing and being less reactive, which will put us all in good stead for the impending changes in 2018 (*cough* GDPR). We are ready, changes are coming and we are prepped and ready to go – bring it on!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Earl & Thompson.